The Tree Man IS the Agriest Guitar Player in the World

I just had to share this for those of you who have been learning a piece that you just can’t get…  beware… there is some not so nice language throughout the video.


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2 Responses to The Tree Man IS the Agriest Guitar Player in the World

  1. Carolyn Donovan says:

    Hey fracking axle-it’s not the guitar’s fault you are such a prickly pear-the guitar, altho if I was one I wouldn’t be, your friend–learn to become one with the guitar , relax, slow it down, learn one lick at a time, then music stores will get less of your money and you’ll be able to sleep at night.
    I know this because I used to be the female version of you! If you screw up-stay calm put the guitar down and walk away-get control of your silly little boy bs and come back and try it again. I SELL GUITARS BUT WOULDN’T PUT ANY MUSICAL INSTRUMENT THRU TORTURE LIKE YOU DO SO I’M NOT GIVING YOU MY CARD-YOU MAY HOWEVER HAVE MY EMAIL IF YOU WISH TO VENT. GUITARS DON’T DESERVE THAT , I however can take you cussing and acting like a nut case-you obviously have talent -if you wanna beat something up join a boxing gym and see how it feels to be helpless. If you want to learn to use your TALENT quit taking it out on the guitar and stop being such a poor excuse for a human being, let alone a musician.

    • Chris Oliver says:

      Carolyn, You crack me up! I hope you don’t mind me editing your cussin’. The meaning is still there and it is excellent to see you respond in kind to Tree Man’s antics.

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