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The Dirty Side of Bluegrass Music

I came across this recently while reading a poison control blog… don’t ask. Anyway, it’s a pretty well done song that could use a few breaks, otherwise, enjoy!  

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100 Riffs – History of Rock and Roll

Here’s Alex Chadwick up at Chicago Music Exchange running through 100 guitar riffs from back then to just now. Great job Alex.  

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The Tree Man IS the Agriest Guitar Player in the World

I just had to share this for those of you who have been learning a piece that you just can’t get…  beware… there is some not so nice language throughout the video.  

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14 Minute History of the Banjo

Ok.. I tried to contain myself and keep this from coming out, but here is Bill Evans’ of Fretboard Journal giving the 14 minute history of the banjo. Where it goes from here we’ll have to wait and see, kind … Continue reading

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4 Chords and You Know A ‘Plethora’ of Songs

If you don’t play Bluegrass or even if you do you may not have heard that learning just a few chords will allow you to play hundreds and even thousands of songs. The band, ‘Axis of Awesome‘, has put together … Continue reading

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