Hello all,

We have been working hard, and most times with futility, to get some reasonable mahogany to market. With setbacks at the milling operation and drying operations, our time frame was blown way out of range.

The mahogany logs did not produce and pieces of size to create 1-piece electric body blanks. I will be doing glue-ups of 2 and 3 piece bodies and will have neck blanks cut from the same.

As none of the logs were large enough, acoustic neck blanks will have a stacked heel.

Some not so great news to go along with this is that our partner in Belize has decided to liquidate his stake in the process. Unfortunately his current asking price is unreasonable. Because of this, we will be without new logs until other accommodations are made. Fear not, we have some opportunities upcoming and should be importing more logs by Spring 2011.

In the meantime, here are some pics of the lumber. Check out the ring count on this… wow.

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