Bean Blossom 2010

Bean Blossom was typical: wicked weather, great music and all night pickin’.
Here is the ‘Back 40′ in the overflow at Bean Blossom. Just minutes before this photo of the rainbow, a storm had ripped through the area causing flash floods, power outages, fallen trees, mass chaos!
Back 40 at Bean Blossom
Camp Infinity setup and ready for pickin’.
Camp Infinity
Jason B. gets some instruction on reaming a headstock, installing tuners and nut fabrication in the wild. Here he is showing off his handy work.
Jason B with Infinity A mando Jason B with Infinity A mando
New models for Infinity Luthiers: ID-18eco and the new A model mandolin. The mandolin is a crossover from early and later Gibson A models. Short neck with longer fret scale to pick old time tunes with ease.
New Models
Kenny Smith of the Kenny and Amanda Smith band test drives the new ID-18eco. Kenny Smith is one of my favorite pickers and two-time IBMA Guitar player of the year. I did not know it before this trip, but Kenny is a luthier himself. He spent time working at Gallager Guitars in Tennessee before touring full-time.
Kenny Smith with ID-18eco
Kenny plays a 1935 Martin D-18. Here we are comparing the neck shape and thickness of the ID-18eco to the old Martin D-18. The ID-18eco neck was based on the 1949 Martin D-28 being restored. Surprisingly, the ID-18eco and Kenny’s ’35 D-18 neck were nearly the same in shape and thickness.

You can purchase Kenny and Amanda Smith’s cd’s, books and other merchandise at their website.

Kenny Smith's 1935 D-18
While breaking down camp, we found a visitor hiding from the torrential downpours under the rain fly. A mama brown recluse complete with full egg sack. I guess this spider does carry a fiddle so it must love Bluegrass.
Deadly Guest
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