Old Growth River Recovered Mahogany Les Paul Neck/Body

Finally. I have a Les Paul body and neck all glued up from the same billet going on eBay. This old growth mahogany was recovered from the Belize River, Belize. It is too bad we do not have pieces large enough for 1 or probably even 2 piece bodies or 1 piece necks. What is good is the fact that we have this wood available at all. There is only a small amount left and if the price it brings isn’t right, I’ll be keeping it for my own customers.

I am starting the bidding at the price of the billet, $120. For all the labor it took to cut out the knots, checking and just bad parts, I hope I get a modest return. Of course… I could just keep it an put some ’59 Les Paul copies together…. cool!

There is a link to our eBay auctions in the store section of the site: store.

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