Bridge Removal

While at Bean Blossom I met Clayton and his father Bud. They sent their old D-28 back with me for a few repairs. It had been previously re-topped and braced by John Greven and since has had some other repair work completed. Right now it is in need of some attention at the bridge, a little bellying reduction and a possible neck reset.

My first order of business is to remove the ‘oversize’ bridge.

Removing the oversized bridge.

Here you can see that it came off without much tearing of the top wood fiber. In fact, I removed this bridge cold. As I tested the glue joint with my spatula, I noticed many pockets where the bridge was not adhering to the top.  If you click to see the larger image you can also see the outline of the original bridge. We will be repairing the wood and attempting to match the finish in this area.

Bridge removed.

Here is the new Martin belly bridge setting in place. We have a lot of work to do before gluing down the new bridge.

Belly bridge setting in place.

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2 Responses to Bridge Removal

  1. Clayton Rushton says:

    Thanks for the post Chris… And Thanks for getting to work so quickly, most luthiers are slow, or way behind….

  2. Chris Oliver says:

    No worries, I am slow and way behind too. I’ll get more pics up soon.

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